Jeremiah Kissel

Sag Aftra Aea
 Hair Brown Eyes Brown    5'8"    175lbs

THEATER: Winner Norton Prize for Sustained Excellence, 2003, First Annual Elliot Norton  Boston Actor Award, 1990, IRNE award, 2003, 1999, Best Supporting Actor. A Month in the Country, Betty's Summer Vacation, (with Andrea Martin, Nicholas Martin, Dir.), Huntington Theater Company; Three Farces and a Funeral, Henry V, The Accident, American Repertory Theater; Jackie, An American Life, Wilbur Theater; Henry V, (with Anthony Rapp), The Tempest, As You Like It, Julius Ceasar, Romeo and Juliet, The Commonwealth Shakespeare Co.; The Fred Allen Show, The Cleveland Playhouse; Marvin's Room, National Company; Beau Jest, Charles Playhouse;  Table Manners*, American Stage Festival, NH; Shear Madness, Charles Playhouse II; Amadeus, All in The Timing, Merrimack Repertory Theater; Much Ado About Nothing, The State Shakespearean Theater of Maine at Monmouth; Laughter on The 23rd Floor*, The Lyric Stage; The Winter's Tale, Brattle Theater; And a Nightingale Sang*, The Baltimore Theater Project; The Odd Couple*, The Nickerson Theater; The Chalk Garden, The Sharon Playhouse; Ros and Guil are Dead*, The New Repertory Theater; The Miser, West Side Repertory Theater, NY

* Cited Best of Boston Theater: Boston Globe, Herald, Phoenix - Annually 1982- '91, '97-'99

TELEVISION:Against the Law A.D.A. Stewart (Principal) Fox Television Network   The Discovery Uncle Harry (Principal) NBC Miller's Court Defendant (Principal) WCBV-T.V.

COMMERCIALS; (50+; reel and conflicts on request, demos at

INDUSTRIALS (200+ reel on request, demos at -EAR PROMPTER) Active Video, Larry Miller Prods., Digital, Jack Morton Prods., Wang, Boston Post Prod., Lotus,Bull, Burclan Prod., Multivision, Total Learning Concepts, Editel, Reunion Prods., Nynex, Envision, ODI, ITT Sheraton, Group Five, Quantic, The New England, Wave, CF Video, Target, National, Northern Light, Compaq, Picturetel, Omni Hotels, Netscout, etc

VOICEOVERS; (500+; reel and conflicts on request, demos at, Local, Regional and National Radio and TV, Corporate Industrial, Nat'l Public Radio, Museum Installations, Web sites, Telephone systems, CD Rom games, (adult and children's titles) Spots have garnered Hatch, Graniteer, Broderson Awards.

IMPROV; (Gramm-Rudman Act, Medieval Manor)

LIVE TRADE SHOWS Merck, ITT Sheraton, Hancock, Hasbro, Digital, Wang, Computer Task Group, Infocom, Microcom, Cascade, Ocean Spray, Netscout, Nynex, The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Cascade, Voicetek, Hewlitt Packard, GE, Netscout, Iona Technologies, Owens Corning, Cramer, Larry Miller, Mars Productions, etc.

TRAINING Bobby Lewis