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"Preview" was an 'infotainment' talk show that toured many
different types of venues nationally for six years. It played to
studio audiences of travel industry professionals, replacing
the traditional 'shrimp cocktail and powerpoint' kickoff meetings for
The Ministry of Tourism for The Islands of the Bahamas.
The show began with a ten minute set of stand-up comedy,
tailored to the industry...

...continued with interviews selling the destination,
(over the years guests on the show included
ministry spokespeople, popular Bahamian personalities,
and even The Deputy Prime Minister)...
Two views of interview segments with
The Hon. Vincent Vanderpool Wallace,
Director General of The Ministry of Tourism,
The Islands of the Bahamas.
The reigning Miss Bahamas,
preparing for Miss Universe competition,
was always a welcome visitor...
...The show always incorporated a great deal of audience participation...

And the show usually closed with a
high energy game show segment that left audiences cheering.

What started out as a last minute client demand to attempt
'something special' for three evenings in the Fall of 1995,
became an enormous hit and a six year asset to the Bahamas'
marketing plan. Based on a late night talk show format, The Preview Show
became a favorite with travel agents all across America and Canada
and was frequently added to weekend agendas and seminars by
other agencies serving the client. Needless to say, the agency of
record looked like the real stars....

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